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Hi everyone!

As your new course reps, myself and a couple of others want to get things into motion as soon as possible to enable everyone to get the most out of your uni experience.

As the 2nd and 3rd years know we use the adobe creative cloud rather profusely throughout the degree and mainly introduced in the 2nd semester for 1st years. It has been in talking with the uni for over a year about every CSoA student to have it downloaded for free onto their computer/laptop.

We think this will be majorly beneficial for everyone and is unfair for those who cannot afford, limiting their time for work to the computer rooms and the studio.

We will be putting a sort of petition on the notice boards of each year so if you could write your name and course down that would be hugely useful.

Many thanks in advance

Alice Spinola

2nd year 


Alison Chinn
3:17pm on 19 Oct 16 Also in addition, this will be very useful to those who commute into Uni as well. Please pass the message around so we can shout loud and be heard that having Creative Cloud is a benefit to all courses in ALSS! Sign the petition!!
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