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Welcome to Year Two!

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Hey everyone! 


First of all a huge thank you for electing myself and Ed as your course reps for this year, it means so much!

Obviously our main role as your reps are to represent you by collecting your views and opinions, and communicating these to the Student Union and University. All opinions are good opinions, whether you have positive or negative ideas about student life and we promise we will help you in any way that we can!

This year we are going to try our best to keep this webpage active and keep you posted about events or discussions, but you are more than welcome to Facebook/Tweet/Email or even just come and find us in person to have a chat, we don't bite!

So what are you waiting for?! We're now officially your voice to the university so take advantage of that, these three years are crucial to the rest of our lives so if you want something changed speak up and we can try and help!

See you all soon!



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