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The Harry Potter Society AGM

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As the first year of the Harry Potter Society (Society of the Year 2012-13) comes to a close, it’s time to review a truly magical year and vote in a new Committee!

The AGM is an opportunity for all ARU Potterheads to come along and tell us what you think of the Society, what worked well, what could be improved, and what you’d like to see next year. We will also need to vote in a new Committee so that the Society can continue through the next year.

Every paid member of the Society has one vote for each position and is encouraged to take part in the elections, even if you’re going on to more magical adventures at the end of this year!

We’ve had a truly wonderful year, and we look forward to seeing you apparating in to our last few events, and don’t forget, House Points can still be earned to help your House win at the end of the year!

Anglia Ruskin Harry Potter Society: Order of the Ruskin


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