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Special Announcement for the Harry Potter Society

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For those Potterheads not already aware, in the New Year we will be opening up new positions on the Harry Potter Society Committee!


Online Media Representative

  • As the Online Media Representative for the Society your main role will involve the upkeep and promotion of the Society and its events via all online sources, including the Society’s Facebook page, Twitter account and the SU web page. These must all be maintained and kept up to date with the goings on of the Society, together with online ‘events’ to invite members to and reviews of past events to keep the pages active and interesting.
  • You will mainly be working with the Social Events Coordinator and the Administrator to make sure any events, socials and news are published promptly on all three sites keeping them current and informative, as well as through members’ emails.
  • You are also advised to use your initiative in ways to keep members up to date and publicise the Society, as well as helping out in other areas such as the devising and running of events and socials.
  • You will be given admin rights for all Society online outlets and will attend all Committee meetings as an official member of the Society Committee.
  • This position is open to all members of the Society, particularly those with an interest in Social Media. The role will be voted in by the Society members in a mini-election that will take place through the online Society outlets.


  • We will be opening up unofficial ‘Vice’ roles for each official position on the Committee. This includes President, Administrator, Treasurer and Social Events Coordinator.
  • This is a good way of being able to train up those of you who are interested in taking on Committee positions next year, giving you a chance to experience what the job entails and get to know if the role would be right for you.
  • You will be shadowing the Committee member in the role you apply for, and will have the opportunity to sit in on Committee meetings. You will also help out with the organisation of our Semester 2 events, as well as the possibility of being given your own responsibilities.
  • The vice positions are open to everyone who is interested in the Society Committee positions, in particular those who will be looking to continue on with the Society over the next academic year. (Next year’s Committee will be elected in May 2013.)
  • You are welcome to try out for as many roles as you like, particularly for those interested in the President position it is advised that you familiarise yourself with all Committee roles.
  • Everyone who applies will have a chance to experience the role they apply for, so if we should have several applications for one role, we will rotate all applicants to give everyone a well-rounded experience.
  • These positions will not be voted in and will be unofficial insofar as you will not be a formally recognised member of the Committee.



To apply for any and all of these roles, please send an email to to receive a Responsibility Pack outlining all the roles in further detail and a formal application form.

Please return your completed application form to the same email address.

The closing deadline is Monday 31st December.

The roles will then be organised during January and will be in place from the beginning of February.





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