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Harry Potter Society HORCRUX HUNT!

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The Harry Potter Society Horcrux Hunt will be on

Saturday 23rdMarch

meeting at the Tram Depot

at 12.30

before you head out in the Wizarding world of Cambridge from 1.00pm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Registration is still open!

Just let us know your Team Name and a list of your members (7 maximum) by midnight on Friday 22nd March.

You MUST be registered in order to take part in this event, which will see Horcrux Hunters following clues around Cambridge city centre!


The first team back to the Tram Depot Headquarters wins! And no cheating – we will need a photo of your team with each Horcrux as well as all of your clues to prove you’ve completed your quest!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

So practice your Four-Point spell and dig out your Horcrux-Seeking Medallion, and come and join the Horcrux Hunt!




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