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NUS Postgradute conference Rep report: Toyin Daniel

NUS Postgraduate conference

The conference took place from on the 19th and 20th February 2015 and was held in Milton Keynes. It was quite enlightening as I got to meet other postgraduate Reps from across the country. The conference included workshops and the election of the new postgraduate NUS committee. It also included passing motions on what the committee would set out to achieve and gave me ideas on what I can do for postgraduates at Anglia Ruskin University. I was able to help pass a motion regarding internships and work experience for post graduate students.

Attending this conference has made me more aware of the different options for postgraduate funding that are available for students. I believe that most students would want to do a postgraduate course but are not aware of the funding available. By 2016 there should be post graduate loans available whereby students could take maximum £10000 with a fixed interest rate and repayment rate at 9%; currently there are little funding available. My plan is to speak undergrads at Anglia Ruskin University to inform them more about postgraduate opportunities and the funding available.

The NUS postgraduate conference also gave me more information about visas for international students. Most postgraduates struggle with finding jobs after their course and have to go back to their respective countries. I discovered that there were visas international student could apply for after their course for internships and work experience; currently their visas don’t cover that option. I am looking to invite the postgraduate Rep to speak to postgraduate students at Anglia Ruskin University on how they gain the visa.

Overall, it was great and eye opening experience.


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