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Chelmsford International Students' Rep - NUS Conference Report

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Dates: 26th to 27th FEBRUARY 2015 Venue: Milton Keynes


The 2015 NUS international students' conference was a success. I made contact with students from other universities and took part in the election of the new NUS International Students Officer and Committee members. Below are few issues discussed at the conference


1. Campaign for the implementation of international student hardship/ crisis fund by universities to support students in crisis as a result of civil war, natural disasters, political mismanagement and upheavals in the home country. It was noted crisis at home can have a detrimental effect on the physical and mental well-being of the affected student thus impacting on their studies. 

2. Campaign to scrap the NHS fees on international students in the Immigration Act of 2014. SU's were charged to work together with their universities or colleges on this campaign. In order to ensure equality within the universities and colleges.

3. SU's should lobby for the removal of the cost for acquiring employer's sponsorship licence in order to hire an international student who has graduated from a UK university or college. Lobby for the removal of salary expectations, job titles and levels as a requirement for a Tier 2 or 5 visa.  

4. SU to campaign for the reinstitution of the 2 years Post Study Work Visa as this helped international students to acquire work; experience which will improve the requisite skills employers look out for in potential employees.

5. International students rep should be made either SU part time officers or full time officers.


We were charged to promote the right of international students from commonwealth countries to register and vote in the general election. 


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