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Chelmsford FHSCE Faculty Rep Report

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Aisha Gaido - FHSCE Faculty Rep

What I have been up to & my plans for next semester

Since the World AIDS day event, there has not been much to report on. Perhaps due to the exam season as most students within my faculty have been busy.  However, I have been in touch with my new Dean and will be meeting with her to discuss further what can be done to improve student experience within our faculty. This will be soon after attending the NUS conference.


The 'Surviving Ebola' campaign that I had hoped to kick start by February, has unfortunately had to be kept on hold as it does require more attention that what I have recently been able to do. It is my hope to work closely with the welfare rep to see how things can be jointly run in future.


It is still proving hard to reach the social care and education students but, I have spoken to you and the dean in making sure I can reach them too and identify what their needs are.


On a much more positive note, I have students that are happy that the Royal College of Nursing conference (for nurses and midwives) has been given a push by the faculty in Chelmsford as it proved to be quite difficult to arrange last year. The course leaders are more active and grateful for the role of the students union as mentioned to me by my course leader . Hoping to also introduce photo sessions for final year students per tutorial group with their tutor ( hopefully Dean as well) to remember their time at Anglia on the last day together. Still need further looking into this but, the students are very enthusiastic about it.




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