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Cambridge Womens' Rep Student Council Report

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Sammi Whitaker – Cambridge Womens’ Rep

What I have been up to & my plans for next semester

Set up bi-monthly womens safe space forums for women to discuss issues they have faced around campus and make sure that I’m representing women students properly.

Organising events at ARU for Reclaim the Night and organising ways to make the event reach more students. This includes setting up a banner making session and doing an interactive event advertisement on campus in the run up to Reclaim the Night. Also looking to have a pre-march event in the academy.

Looking in to students with parental responsibilities. Have a questionnaire out at the moment – got quite a few responses so far but I’m looking to get more before I go further with this information. So far the responses have been fantastic and eventually I will be trying to set up focus groups to discuss how we can make studying at Anglia Ruskin better for students with parental responsibilities.

Been discussing options for making sanitary products more accessible for students – proposal at union council.

Having a panel of speakers from NUS to discuss LBT Women on campus and how we can be more intersectional both in LGBT+ spaces and also womens/feminist spaces. This is part of LGBT History month.

Showcasing 5 films over 5 days in the build up to international womens day. All films are educational and I selected these ones to make sure that we’re being more intersectional.

Been speaking face to face with some sports teams to get feedback on how they feel sport at Anglia Ruskin is for them. So far, things have been very positive but there have been suggestions made about gym usage which I will be looking further in to.




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