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Dean Bowyer – S&T Faculty Rep & NUS Conference Rep

About me


I am a mature student studying Forensic Science, I am in my last semester and hopefully I shall graduate with a 1st I have been S&T Faculty Rep and NUS Conference Rep for two years. Both are roles I would highly recommend, you get to meet and represent some amazing people, and learn some awesome skills.

What have I been up to


Well I have met with my mentor Aisha and planned out my goals for the year, I have attended various meetings including my course meeting, faculty meeting, LTA meeting and a QESC meeting. I also hosted my S&T Student Rep Forum, both students and staff attended the rep forum was themed on flipped teaching, from feedback gathered at the event, the free lunch was greatly received and staff and student reps found it helpful. I have also attended a planning meeting for NUS Conference 2015 and helped draft policies which I hope you will all support here tonight. The first semester was pretty quiet for me as it was a very busy semester due to my optional modules being unevenly stacked.


Plans for next semester


I shall be hosting my usual student rep forum any suggestions on topic greatly appreciated, hopefully I shall be able to obtain funding from the department for catering. I am looking at hosting the student rep forum in week 6 suggestions on days or dates greatly received. I will also be talking to students on a weekly basis in the run up to NUS conference 2015 so when I attend I can vote how students want me to vote. I would also like to do something for charity this semester as I have more time feel free to email me suggestions at


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