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Welcome to The Shy People

Welcome to the shy people!

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Me and Zara

Hello, Natalie here!

I am the treasurer of this society, and I am going to be using this section to write updates about events coming up, new information about the shy people and advice. To start I will introduce myself a little more. To begin with I will be going into my third year of university at ARU studying Primary Education Studies. I have really enjoyed the past two years alongside some struggles. I love working with children and is something I'm very passionate about. I am wanting to do a Masters in the future in Education. I live in Cambridge and love exploring the city. I'm always down to grab a drink, get on my bike and go find new places, especially by the river Cambs. I also love spending time with my family and my boyfriend. Quick fire round: I am team cats, pasta is one of the best foods, my favourite season is summer, I love going plant shopping, but not the best plant mum, Queen is my favourite band and my favourite ice-cream flavor is raspberry ripple.

I started this society with Zara (the president) to help people come together who are shy and suffer from shyness but who also want to make friends and have fun. I have loads of new ideas for events and how to push this society in a positive direction. I am ready to listen to everyone s ideas, opinions and to show people that they can have fun whilst even being shy!

Me and Zara are really excited to begin this journey, meeting all of our members and just having fun! Fun fact, we are also sisters! 

Signing out,

Natalie <3




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Welcome to The Shy People

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