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Being a Vice President - A journey of learning

Vice President London, East India

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Tamika - Vice President London, East India


Hey students, it has been a lengthy trimester filled with a large range of events. I would like to congratulate each and every one of you, we made it! Playing a role of a VP in East India Campus, London, I would also like to take this time to thank everyone who has made this journey possible, so thank you to all the Academic staff, Icentre, Maintenance, Learning Resources, Director of studies, Facilities, Employability, Wellbeing, Admissions, IT, Finance, Course Champions, Class Reps, Peer Mentors, and anyone else who has contributed in any way!

My first trimester has been great! With this role, the core values I have gained most is leadership skills and event management, which is highly beneficial for the job market. If you love helping people, connecting with people, and making a change this is the job for you!



We have had a range of events here in London this trimester and they have all been amazing. Starting off here at the SU with a buzzing welcome week, we followed with an engaging rep election, and I was overwhelmed with the turnout at our black history month and Christmas celebrations. The launch of societies and the yoga club here on our East India campus has also been great.

It’s been a journey here on campus with all students returning back to face-to-face delivery, topped off by all the transport strikes and bad weather. However, it has been amazing connecting with all of you and seeing you around campus at events and it must be interesting in lectures to meet zoom mates in the flesh for the first time.

With a majority of mature students here at ARU London I can completely understand how hard it can be to balance everything. Studying at you can be hard enough, so with part-time, jobs, kids, caring responsibilities and so much more. You should all be very proud and don’t forget to make time for yourself as this is most important.

We have loved getting all your feedback around campus, and it’s been amazing to see the motivation and courage of our course champions in the student and staff liaison committee. I can’t wait for the changes to come to help improve our learning experiences here at ARU London.

What’s next?

Coming up this year we have loads of exciting new stuff going on like Karaoke and even an ARU London Sports day and so much more, keep a lookout, so you don’t miss out!

Now ask yourself, could I be the next vice president for ARU London?