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Being a Vice President - A journey of diligence and dedication

Vice President London, Farringdon

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If someone had told me two years ago that I would be one of the 2 SU VP, I would have laughed and told them it was impossible. After a few years with my littles, I could not see myself being able to find a work-life balance, but nothing in life is impossible. With hard work and dedication, I succeed in putting my ideas into practice. I was led by sharing my experience with the other students because I am a mature student, and I considered my advice would be helpful to them.

My journey started as a Class Rep for my group, continuing as a Course Champion for my degree and this academic year as a VP for the Farringdon campus. Step by step, I was working closely with the Students’ Union, but nothing compared with being in my current position. The role was challenging but extremely rewarding; I represented the students in all meetings with the University board members and ensured good lines of communication between students-University-Union.

Consequently, it allowed me to foster my employability level, tasks such as leadership, teamwork, organisation, and public speaking skills, which are transferrable to any future job. In addition, talking continually with my fellow students about their issues helped me see the big picture and act at the right time.

However, the Students’ Union means a great environment to develop myself, supportive team members, and a clear image of Britain culture. Being part of a team with seven other officers at the national level made me understand the Students’ Union much better and gave me a chance to be part of big projects as the Freshers in the Chelmsford campus in September and during summer to meet officers from the UK universities.

You will never stop sharpening your performance because you will focus on the student’s well-being, and every time you will do as much as possible to respect at least your statement from the election period. Remember, what you will sow is what you reap!!!