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Embracing every single opportunity - Advice from our Course Champion

Course Champion for Business and Hospitality Management

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Hello students, welcome to Anglia Ruskin University London!

I would like to congratulate you all for making such a great choice for your future. Moreover, by enrolling in our University you have already made a step forward toward the opportunity to gain amazing skills and higher education for your professional future. I am happy to share with you that my experience as a student at Anglia Ruskin University has been an amazing positive change in my life and has offered me a perspective toward my future goals.



Furthermore, in my foundation year, I became a Top Achiever and a Student Ambassador for my degree, followed by being elected as the Course Champion of the Business and Hospitality Management degree at ARU London. Consequently, I have made amazing connections with my colleagues, lecturers, and Student Union representatives. This has been possible through the wonderful support and amazing teaching of our lecturers and our supportive Student Union. Therefore, I can assure you that at Anglia Ruskin University you will always find amazing support, interactive and educative lectures, as well as the chance to find new friends and connections. Additionally, at Anglia Ruskin University you will have the opportunity to progress as an individual and as a professional by learning from the best lecturers. Nevertheless, you can also participate in events organised by our University, and learn new skills that will help you in your career.



Conclusively, my advice to you is to study and challenge yourself and your potential in order to expand your knowledge. In essence, be positive and confident, and be open to new information and knowledge that will shape you toward the best version of yourself. I wish you all good luck and a semester full of achievements!!!




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