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Advice Slice - November 21st - Assessments!

Your next instalment of SU snack sized support - this time we're talking assignment season!

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It's that time of year – assignments! Don't let looming deadlines get you down this semester - here's our three top tips to keep you riding high this assessment season:  

1) Brush up on your citation skills!

Did you know, poor citation skills can land you in trouble – even expulsion! Brushing up on your referencing skills is a must – be sure to book in with study skills+, check in with your class tutors for referencing guidance or take the short, free academic integrity course on Canvas!  

2) Don't wait to get support!

Don't suffer in silence – if, for whatever reason, you are struggling and don't think you'll make your deadlines, be proactive in getting support. With the right evidence, student services can offer various extensions or mitigations. Even if you take your assignment but feel like unforeseen issues impacted your grade, you can file for an exceptional circumstance. Whatever you do, open up and reach out!  


3) Open up, reach out!

Be your biggest cheerleader! Completing a degree is a marathon – give yourself the support you deserve by checking out the university's Counselling and wellbeing services. From self-help resources, online workshops, on-campus events and free counselling, give yourself a well-deserved mental health MOT. 


Keep on keeping on folks – your SU team believes in you! For more support and information, please check out 


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