Oxford Children's Hospital Visit

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The Child Nursing Society at Oxford Children's Hospital

Earlier this month a group of us went along to Oxford Children's Hospital as part of our series in Hospital Snooping! We were given an excellent tour of the many different Children's wards and paediatric A&E which both came as a huge contrast to the much smaller district General Hospitals that we are all currently placed at. Our group ranged from first years to third years so we all gained different things from the trip, but for those of us a little further along in our training, it was an excellent opportunity to see what kind of hospital we might like to work in in the future and really helpful for forming that idea. This trip was also my first outing as a trained minibus driver and I am especially pleased to say that the journey was a particularly uneventful one, highlighted by some exceptional reverse parking of a rather large minibus into a tiny hospital parking bay! 


If you have any suggestions for future trips or would like to come along on our next one either email me at Emma.Wolton@student.anglia.ac.uk or join our facebook group at Aru Child Nursing. 


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