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25th March 2015 – A day to defy all odds!

The day is nearly upon us. on this day history will be made, those poor Cambridge students have no idea what they are setting themselves up for.

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Chelmsford Allstars

So for a few years now Varsity at Anglia Ruskin has been hijacked by the Cambridge campus, Results don’t lie and if you’ve done your research you will see that Cambridge have DOMINATED varsity since its inception 7 years ago......all that is about to change!


They come here with their blue t-shirts and assume that history will repeat itsself, they think that they will win, no not this year, this year is our year! the key difference between #teamChelmsford and #teamCambridge (besides our loves SU bar) is that we have heart! We never give up! We never Surrender!  Chelmsford and Peterborough let’s put Cambridge back in their box and come away with the Varsity trophy that doesn’t only deserve to be in Chelmsford but quite frankly will look pretty good on our much better and more modern campus!


So this year don’t come down to our turf and expect a walk in the park, we’re here to not just compete but win! So lace up your boots pull up your socks and re string your racquets. This is our year! It’s time for Varsity 2015 and Chelmsford to be engraved on that trophy!!!


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