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We’d like to know; how satisfied are you with the Students’ Union on your campus?

If you’re not satisfied what should we start doing?

Why not also tell us what we should stop doing or keep doing.

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Lisa-Jane Letkey
1:18pm on 4 Mar 13 Lectures need to be fully aware that study support for dyslexics does not provide specailist study support to understand the learning outcomes or structure in the specific feilds. It needs to be noted there are 35 forms of dyslexia and that learning styles and structuring are difficult and its not all about spelling. Student reps that repesent students need this level of understanding when they represent a group and should represent minorties in that group. When issues of unread reasonable adjustments and yellow paper are not adhered to reps should act on this when requested and feedback to the group. Dyslexics should not be left to 'fight off' other students without adjustments because they prefer the colour to get their handouts and refuse to give them up. Underdtanding the learning difficulty would help letures and reps to infom other students that dyslexics who have a questioning learning style in lectures should not be heckled or bullied, and reps should not send snotty emails saying those that ask questions slow up lessons, especailly when they have been given the said information in advance concerning dyxsleics. Not colour coding papers of dyslexics like other uni's reduces marks for us and does not show our true cognitive ability. On a more positive note I have lectures who so get all this and have had a wonderful support worker who understands fully, however in a world of finite resources and time constraints one can not alawys use such sessions to ones advantage, its time to stop sitting back and thinking its only the responsibilty of the study department!
Joy Rutherford
9:46pm on 10 Feb 13 Bus from campus into town esp for disabled, would be helpful: Mill Road buses irregular.
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