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Trimester 1 (2023/34) SSLC Summary

Find out how your elected representatives supported you in last Trimester's Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meeting

Best Lunch Spots Around Farringdon
Image of lunch boxes

We've sourced the best meal deals around Farringdon

Best Lunch Spots Around East India
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We've sourced the best meal deals around East India

Tips for Avoiding Academic Misconduct
Photo of an essay on an open laptop

Five tips to help you avoid academic misconduct while writing your essays

Being a Vice President - A journey of learning

Vice President London, East India

Let’s Talk Budgeting
two hands stacking three groups of coins

Effective money management is something we're all struggling with

Communication is Key for Student Success
Two women sitting at a table and talking

Timely communication can help resolve many of your queries effectively

Looking after your mental wellbeing

Top tips to help manage your mental health