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A letter to new students...
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"Starting University can be exciting, but nerve wracking..."

"It's Adebisi Sasi, your Vice President 2021 – 2022, that feels so good to say..."
Image of Adebisi Sasi in Cambridge

I didn’t know I smile so much like a Cheshire Cat, a very fabulous one should I add...

Academic Integrity Week 2021 - Resources
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"Sometimes life can be really challenging and you find yourself making a decision about something that seems like a quick solution..."

Academic Integrity Project 2021
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I'm on a fact-finding mission...

Student in the Spotlight: Andrei Dragos Suciu
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We interviewed Business & Hospitality student Andrei!

Happy Hannukah!
Happy Hannukah!

Rose Guy, who is the Students' Unions Project Manager, has written a blog post about what Hannukah is and how it is celebrated...

#Project5 Focus Group Analysis

What we are doing with the information you gave us.

Student in the Spotlight: Lesley Ann-Chung
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Our second episode from the Student in the Spotlight series - meet Lesley!

ARU Students' Union : 12 Months of Impact

Take a look at our proudest achievements over the last 12 months.

Student in the Spotlight: Moxie Gibson
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In this first episode of ‘Student in the Spotlight’ we interviewed Moxie Gibson...

The voice of 600 students
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An incredible 600 of you joined the recent Town Halls - thank you.

London Rep of the Month: Lenke Galambodi

"Helping others gives me a sense of purpose, accomplishment and joy"

The importance of applying for the EU settlement scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme is important to all students from the EU, one of our elected officers Mary Copsey explains why you need to apply.