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Give your time to make a real difference to the lives of others around you. Volunteering helps you stand out from the crowd with real experiences that will build your confidence and develop your skills.


Students volunteering and gardening on campus.

When you give your time to volunteer you’ll meet new people, have fun and connect with other passionate people.

The amount of time you give to volunteering is completely up to you – we have one-off roles, short-term projects or longer term commitments. You can volunteer to do almost anything, and gain experiences relevant to your degree.

We’re here to help you grow personally and professionally, building up your skills to help you become more employable. Log your volunteering hours and skills with us and we’ll accredit your voluntary work.

Start now and find an opportunity that’s right for you. Join in with a community of more than 725,000 student volunteers across the UK, making a difference to the lives of others and your own.


                     and Quote: I have gained valuable skills that will be used throughout my life and career. I am a much more confident person as a result and feel as though as I can now achieve way more than I thought I could. Hannah Skinner, 3rd year Criminology student and volunteer.