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Tabletop & Gaming Society - Cambridge

TaGS Goes To Heffers

TaGS Goes To Heffers

TaGS takes over Heffers Bookshop for an evening!

Tue 03 December 2019 18:30-22:00

Heffers Bookshop

TaGS Goes To Heffers

Come join us as we take over Heffers Bookshop!


As a special event for TaGS members we've arranged to take over a space at Heffers, with access to both our games and their impressive games library! In addition, any purchases made that night will have a 20% discount! 


This event will be replacing the usual board game library we have on a Tuesday night, and for those who don't know where Heffers is, committee members will be leaving from outside of Helmore at 6 if you want to follow us over.


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