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Zoology and Sedgewick Museum Trip!

Zoology and Sedgewick Museum Trip!

A trip to two of Cambridge's best science museums.

Tue 28 November 2023 11:00-14:00

Zoology Museum, Downing Street CB2 3EJ

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Zoology and Sedgewick Museum Trip!

Come along to the Zoology and Sedgewick museums, housing some of the most important collections in the entire world - check out some dinosaur bones, learn new facts about your favorite animal and get some points for your CPD module ;)

As experts on the layout of these museums (trust us, we've spent a lot of time there) we can help show you around to your areas of interest, or you can freestyle it and wander around at your leisure!

The two museums are located almost directly opposite eachother (and nearby to the less society-relevant but equally cool museum of anthropology and archaeology) a 10-minute walk from campus. 

There is an excellent cafe on site where you can grab a bite to eat or bring your own lunch. 

Meet outside the Students' Union at 10:45 to walk with us if you don't know the way or head straight to the museum for 11 if it's closer to you, your choice!