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Pokemon - Cambridge

Cambridge - Pokémon Center London Trip

Cambridge - Pokémon Center London Trip

Pokémon Society Monthly Social

Sat 09 November 2019 09:00-19:00

Westfield London

Cambridge - Pokémon Center London Trip

It's time for our second society social! This time we're going to the pop up Pokémon Center store in London.

Just like last time, you don't have to be a member of the Pokémon Society to tag along.

You're looking at £24.60 for the train to london and and tube ticket if you purchase everything using our link. It's your responsibility to get your own tickets, however message Mikey Reilly if you need help getting it sorted.

Our outgoing train to Finsbury park is at 9:55 so either meet us at the train station at that time or meet us outside the SU before 9:25.

We are also giving away 1 free train ticket to one lucky winner in our upcoming quiz in week 6.

https://bit.ly/2VVaT8Z <----- Link to purchase train ticket (Super Off-Peak Day Travelcard as we don't know exactly when we're going to be finished and it includes the tube which we will be using.)

https://bit.ly/32uDXXr M <----- Link to the price list to some of the stock list.

https://bit.ly/2P3gqci <---- More information about the store.


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