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Neonatology and Paediatrics (NAPS) Society - Chelmsford

Photography Competition!

Photography Competition!

Snaps for NAPS! Enter our photography competition to raise money for charity, £20 Amazon voucher and hamper of goodies to be won for the winning photos! Deadline is 19/10/21. Categories: Nature, Movement, Yellow, Teddies, Self-care!

Mon 11 Oct 2021 - Mon 18 Oct 2021


Photography Competition!

An exciting photography competition set to boost your creativity!

Show off your brilliant photography skills in this fundraiser event for Kids Inspire, a local charity that supports young people's mental health. Just send us your photo and proof of a donation for the chance to win an amazing prize!

You can enter photos into the following categories:

- Nature

- Movement

- Yellow

- Teddies

- Self-care


To enter:

You need to follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Take your pictures

  2. Donate here: Kids Inspire x NAPS is fundraising for Kids Inspire (justgiving.com) (Ensure to make a note of your Donation Reference Number, as you will need this in order to submit your entry in step 3)

  3. Submit your entry here: https://forms.gle/2ibbVpFC8j1MkD3C6


You just made a positive impact on a young person's mental health, expressed your creativity and showed off your skills! 

Who knows, you may even win a prize!

If there are any issues email us at: arunaps.photos@gmail.com


Competition Terms and Conditions: 

  • If you are under 18, you must gain permission from a parent/guardian to participate.

  • One donation per entry, i.e if you have already sumbitted a photo into the "Nature" category, you must donate again to submit into the "Self-Care" category.

  • Please keep your entries appropriate. Any inappropriate material will not be judged in the competition. 

  • Do check the weather forecast before you decide to shoot your photos outdoors so as to avoid any environmental hazards. 

  • Take your allergy medication with you if your are leaving for the outdoors if necessary. 

  • Do not try to take any photos that will put you or others in harm's way. 

  • By entering your photo, your are giving NAPS the right to repost and share the photo multiple times. 

  • The picture must be yours. Plagiarism or any copyright infringement will not be accepted. 

  • Consent must be gained for all people in the picture, if any. 

  • Your photo will only be used for the purpose of this competition which has been organised to raise money for Kids Inspire. 

  • NAPS and the ARU Student's Union cannot be held liable for any damage to personal belongings such as cameras and any other devices. 

  • NAPS and the ARU Student's Union cannot be held liable for any property or environmental damage as a result of participation in this competition. 

  • Please remember to follow social distancing guidelines, wear masks and wash your hands. 

  • By entering this competition, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.


For further guidance on keeping safe see our risk assessment here:

Good luck, thank you and happy snapping!


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