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Neonatology and Paediatrics (NAPS) Society - Chelmsford

24 Hour Knit-A-Thon!

24 Hour Knit-A-Thon!

24 Hour non-stop knitting for Neonates!

Fri 15 Oct 2021 08:00 - Sat 16 Oct 2021 08:00

92 at the SU (Chelmsford Campus)!

24 Hour Knit-A-Thon!

Sponsor the committee who will be knitting bonding squares for the neonates in the NICU Ward at Southend Hospital!

The NAPS committee will be knitting for 24 hours with little/no breaks! We aim to knit as many bonding squares as possible! Feel free to come along and support us at 92 at the SU (Chelmsford Campus) or join the Microsoft Teams link - the whole event will be streamed online!

Link to watch live-stream of event:

Join us on teams!

You can support us by sponsoring our knit-a-thon via donation to Kids Inspire charity:

Click here for Kids Inspire's JustGiving Page

Sponsor a square!

You can also sponsor a square that we knit and leave a little messsage along-side to go to the mother and baby in the NICU ward. You can sponsor a square by purchasing a square on this page! 

- To those on Chelmsford Campus - we'll be at 92 of the SU, so come along and write your message. At the stall, show us your donation reference number and you will be able to sign a tag that will be sent with the bonding square!

- To those who aren't campus - If you are not on campus and would like to leave a message, please include the message you would like to send and your donation reference number in an email to us. We will then write the message for you and will send you an email in return with a picture of your square and your message!

Our email is: arunapschelmsford@gmail.com 

Want to knit with us?

Follow this link if you'd like to join in and have a go at knitting a square on the Chelmsford Campus! No previous knitting experience required: https://forms.gle/vWctFC1Pnzu23pTo9

Bits And Bobs: Making Bonding Squares

We hope to see you there to cheer on the committee for the 24 hours! See you all soon!


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