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ARU Sustainability Society

Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation

Tuesday 12th November £3 per person (10 spaces) 10.55am - 12pm During this session you will be guided verbally in to a meditation, then relax and listen to the sounds of various instruments, designed to create relaxation and a space to reflect.

Tue 12 November 2019 10:55-12:00

Coslett Dance Studio 010

Sound Meditation

Sessions are led by Claire White, Vice President of the Sustainability Society.

Sound Meditation is becoming increasingly popular and is now being held at our Uni, in the dance studio behind Coslett (010).

I use Paiste gongs, crystal singing bowls, drums, chimes and other instruments to create a “sound meditation” session, designed to de-stress and help you relax. 

You will lie down on a yoga mat with blankets and pillows (provided) and listen to the instruments after being guided through a meditation verbally.

Come along and give it a try!


If you have any questions email: claire.white1@student.anglia.ac.uk






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