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Online Wellbeing Workshop: Be your own life-coach

An Online Wellbeing Workshop to help you explore who you feel yourself to be. Presented by an ARU Counsellor

Thu 01 December 2022 11:00-12:00


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Online Wellbeing Workshop: Be your own life-coach

Be your own life-coach
Online ARU Wellbeing Workshop presented by an ARU Counsellor

Wellbeing workshops - https://bit.ly/2SBThOF
Thursday 1 December 11 - 12

A workshop to help you:
* Explore who you feel yourself to be.
* Identify dreams; wishes, desires – the picture of your life as you want it.
* Ask what do you want & what is getting in the way?
* Identify and set goals & achievable targets – short-term & long-term.
* Identify strengths & areas for development.
* Develop awareness to be your own best friend.
* Develop skills of active listening & empathic listening to yourself & others.

This workshop has limited spaces to aid the workings of a confidential space. Please be assured that no-one will be asked to share their personal experiences, but reflections and feedback about any of the questions and subject matter may be helpful and are encouraged. You will need to be in a confidential space and have a pen and paper handy.