Event Description

Past Events Summary

Past Events Summary

Mon 18 Sep 2017 - Mon 17 Sep 2018


Past Events Summary

Summary of previous member events:

25/09/17 Meet and greet
03/10/17 Essay planning session
09/10/17 Members Q&A session
10/10/17 Bioscience revision with a lecturer
13/10/17 Q&A with a lecturer
16/10/17 Bioscience revision (am) & Maths refresher(pm)
20/10/17 Critical thinking for essay writing
23/10/17 Safe Medicate maths refresher
24/10/17 Harvard referencing workshop
24/10/17 Placement peer support




All society members had received emails in advance of each session with the necessary follow up information.

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Past Events Summary
18th-17th September