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The Group Chat: April 2021

The Group Chat: April 2021

Join the Group Chat and help set the direction of the SU!

Wed 21 April 2021 12:00-14:00

Teams Live Event

The Group Chat: April 2021

The Group Chat is your space to discuss the big issues on campus and help us make key decisions on the things that affect you throughout your journey at ARU. Every student is invited and encouraged to come along to be an integral part of our conversation and decision making.

Led by students, you will also hear updates from officers and exec committee members. You will have an opportunity to ask them questions and hold them to account. 

New policy proposals will also be reviewed and you will have the chance to better understand what the policy sets out before voting immediately following the meeting. 

To submit a question in advance, CLICK HERE

To join the event, CLICK HERE  

You can view the agenda and items for discussion on the SU's website here: https://www.angliastudent.com/represent/thegroupchat/april21/


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