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Anglia Ruskin Students' Union

Global Week 2020: 'What's On' Friday

Global Week 2020: 'What's On' Friday

Global Week 2020 is here!

Fri 28 February 2020 09:00-22:30

Global Week 2020: 'What's On' Friday


We have students from hundreds of different countries that all share one thing in common… Anglia Ruskin. Our aim for the week is to bring students and staff together through a mixture of education, fun, volunteering events, academic workshops and just a whole lot of fun from across the globe. By the end of the week we see lifelong friendships form and societies created.

There will be a range of cultures displayed by students on stalls in Helmore Street and MAB, sharing food, drink, art and more!






10am-11am Algeria Stall Helmore Street
10am-3pm Albania Stall Helmore Street
10am-3pm Morocco Stall Helmore Street
10am-3pm Iraq Stall Helmore Street
10am-3pm  Jamaica Stall Helmore Street 
 10am - 3pm  Egypt Stall  Helmore Street
10am-3pm  Libya Stall Helmore Street
 11am - 1pm  Ethiopia Stall  Helmore Street
 11am - 3pm  Kuwait Stall  Helmore Street


How can you get involved?

Host a stall and represent your country or nation

Hold an event… how about a cultural fashion show?

Fundraise for a global charity

Request guest speakers to talk on global issues

Pop along to one of the planned events and have fun


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