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Escape Room - Taken

Join a brain challenge and meet new teammates!

Tue 30 May 2023 17:00-18:00

Escape Peterborough

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Escape Room - Taken

We will explore one of the most popular mysteries at Escape Peterborough – Taken.


Your friend has been missing for days, believed to have been taken by a mysterious serial killer. The police have yet to come close to capturing the kidnapper. You have been working hard to find your friend, and have tracked them down to an office in an engineering facility.


Is this just a normal office, or have you stumbled across the secret lair of serial killer?


How to get there?

You can either meet us at front door, university house on 16:45, and one of ths SU staff will walk you together to Escape Peterborough. Alternatively, meet us at Escape Peterborough: 23 Church Walk, Peterborough PE1 1SB