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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Science and Engineering)

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David Oliver Cheeseman

I’m David Cheeseman a 3rd year biomedical sciences student, I’m president of the Biomedical society and social secretary of the  Anthony Nolan society. I’m a keen cook and love anything with an engine. The phrase best years of your life has always been associated with university for me, I’ve loved every second and I want to ensure that everyone else feels the same! I hope to achieve this by creating a positive space for all students both physically and mentally; I hope to implement real change if you would do me the honour of giving me your vote. 

Education, its what we’re here for-Aim to improve educational recourses at all levels of study ensuring that all levels have equal opportunities.

Societies, should be part of uni life-Better course based societies through integration into teaching staffs resources. Better recreational societies through improved awareness.

Spaces, somewhere to chill- Improve the social spaces around the university. Actually get the long eluded to student bar on campus.

Engagement, the life blood of the SU- Ensure all student voices are heard equally and all issues are both listened too and corrected.

Social events, who doesn't love a party– there are limited opportunities for students to socialise outside of teaching hours with their course mates, this could be changed through regular social events and formals at the end of each semester.