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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Business and Law)

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Jamie Hall (SU 4 YOU)


Hello, I’m Jamie. I’ve been a course rep for International Business Management (IBM) for the past three years, part of both the LAIBs Intern and Library STARS Programmes and have taken part in various pilot programmes to improve student and faculty engagement, such as the current SSLC Co-chairs pilot. I’m also a founding member and president of the International Business Society, a course-based Society for IBM.

I ask you to  elect me as your VP of Business. Let me put the skills and experience developed over the past three years to represent you.

While at university a significant part of my time has been spent towards making our time at university more beneficial, not only for our studies but also for after we’ve graduated.

As VP for Business I pledge towards increasing the value of our time at university, ensuring that you gain the most that you can through:

  • Increasing the number of course-based societies
  • Improving employment and networking opportunities and resources provided by the faculties
  • Strengthening current links with local companies to Cambridge and Chelmsford, and the surrounding areas and building new ones for placements and internships

As a course rep I know the difficulties that come with the role. As VP of Business I’ll support course and faculty reps to allow them to better hold the faculty to account when things don’t go well and work with them to improve the courses. For example, the accelerated courses at the moment have no individual rep so when things go wrong there is no single individual to take the lead. One of my first acts will be to lobby and work with the faculty to review how these courses are delivered.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Jamie Hall 


Course Rep, International Business Management, Year 3

President, International Business Society

For this election I have teamed up with

Blessing Raimi (BME Cambridge)

Johanna Korhonen (President)

Zinnia Thorpe (Vice President FST)

Eliza Torres (Vice President FHSCE & FMS)

To create an inclusive, effective and problem-solving focused ARU Students Union

Vote wisely, choose #SU4YOU