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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)

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James Morgans (Morgans and Mason)

Hi, I'm James Morgans and I'm hoping to be your ALSS VP. 

I'm a 3rd year politics BA student with a long history of working with the SU. I've been a course rep in my first year when I studied History. I've also been the LGBT+ Rep (Cambridge Campus) so have an understanding of working on the executive committee as a representative and pushing through policy at student council as well as running successful campaigns. Further to this I've also volunteered for the SU and seen how when the union groups together we can do incredible things and last but not least I also work for the SU as a bar assistant in The Academy. 

Now down to serious business... My policies.

1) Societies - I want to make sure that we put liberation societies at the front of the SU and keep them protected and well funded. I also want to make sure that societies that have direct contact with the SU and host events for the SU (AMT, Film Viewing Society, Nerds Assemble organising societies) get the funding they need to keep doing the good and hard work they do. Finally I think its important that we encourage the creation of course driven societies and celebrate those that already exist (Law, Philosophy, Psychology). 

2) Representation - I think its important that students get a voice and their representatives are able to share the views of students at council, therefore I want to make sure council is correctly advertised and more awareness of its importance is given. Secondly I would like to campaign so that if a representative is unable to attend a meeting (Faculty forums, student council) then they are able to delegate a fellow coursemate to go in their place so they can give feedback. Lastly I believe that our officers need to be more obvious and would like to attempt to make sure that they face students more often rather than be behind the scenes. 

3) Student Health on Campus - One of my key policies is regarding working on the findings of the Let's Be Honest campaign and making sure that the fact ALSS students are more likely to have Pre-Existing mental health problems is worked on and that we protect and care for our students better in a mental health setting. I'd also like to bring back my campaign to bring free and visible tampons, pads and contraception back into the SU. As well as this I'd like to campaign for accessible toilets not RADAR keys as it effects people who suffer from hidden disabilities. As well as this I'd also like to run a disabled students audit to see how the SU can further protect its disabled students. As well as this I'd like to work on the harassment and bullying guidelines the SU and University have to make sure they further protect liberation groups. 

4) The Academy - I'd like to make sure that we encourage attendence of SU events in the campus to not only highlight the SU and help students understand what it is for but also so that we can make our venue become the best it can be, a busy and thriving social space. As well as this I'd like to make sure that events which seem popular with students are being held more regularly in The Academy and also our music and arts students are celebrated fully. 

5) Accomodation - I wish to work with the SU to publish a report suggesting how the university can make its own accomodation better and more habitable and enjoyable for studnets staying there as well as better value for money. As well as this I'd like to publish a guide for students to help them understand the private sector and some of the hidden costs that come with it (Estate agent fees, deposits, bills). 

6) The Library - I believe the library needs to expand its collection of online books and to make sure that if it is advertising an e-book or journal article then students are able to access that book or article, I would like to lobby the university to make sure this happens since this is helpful for students who cannot always access campus (long distance learners, post-graduates, disabled students). As well as this I would like to make sure that there is a plentiful stock of key texts so that students are able to easily access their core reading. Some books are expensive and not all students recieve enough bursary to cover all reading costsI (Masters Students, International Students, PhD Students). Also during exam season I would like to make sure that the library is open, it is not acceptable that students cannot access their education materials sometimes the day before an exam if it is a bank holiday or if the library closes at midnight/opens at 10am. 

7) The Canteen - My desire is for another SU report into the canteen and whether the products there are value for money whilst also suggesting local shops that could be used instead for a cheaper option. I would also like to campaign for a daily hot vegan option in the canteen, a lot of work has been done towards this but we are sadly still not at the stage where one is offered everyday. I would also like to continue the recipe trial scheme whilst potentially also teaching students how to make some of the recipes at home. Finally if possible I would like to offer free tea and coffee in the SU social spaces. This would be helpful for a variety of reasons, firstly I believe that it would help break down the barrier between officer and student if they were able to have a friendly conversation over a hot drink and secondly because it would help make the SU building the relaxing and enjoyable study and social space it can be.

8) Students - Finally I want to make sure that the SU continues to keep students and representation at the forefront of the organisation and that liberation groups will always have the promise that they will be protected by the SU. I would also like to make sure Compass House gets a printer so students don't have to put their work on drives and print on main campus.

Thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto.

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