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Candidate for the position of President

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Kaileb Bryant (Team SUpreme)


Hello there!


My name's Kaileb, and I am currently a third year English Literature student. I'd love the opportunity to represent you guys as your ARU Students' Union President!


I've been a Course Rep for the last three years, which has given me fantastic experience. I've really enjoyed receiving feedback from my fellow students, and taking their views and opinions to meetings to work on improving my course. I've been involved with the course revalidation, and this has given me a better understanding of what students are generally looking for. I've also taken it upon myself to set up meetings multiple times with module leaders to discuss things that need to be improved, showing I am able to step up and act when it is needed. I would love to be able to perform this role on a much larger scale, and represent the entire student body at ARU!


As well as being a Course Rep, I also work part time as a Marketing and Communications Assistant for ARU Students' Union. Working in the office has given me a greater understanding of how the Students' Union is run, and what the officers get up to during their working day. With this knowledge, I feel confident in standing for President, knowing what is expected of me, and that my skills are up to the job.


I am an avid supporter of student wellbeing, and if voted in, I would love to further work on the 'Let's Be Honest' campaign our brilliant officers have started to work on this year. I strongly believe that a student's mindset has a massive impact on their studies, and I want to work to make ARU an even better place, introducing more ways for students to maintain a healthy mind. I want everyone to continue the extremely important and current discussion of mental health, and make ARU a place where anyone can talk safely and securely about mental health.


One of the things I love most about ARU is how diverse the community is. With:

  • international students
  • students under the LGBTQI+ umbrella
  • disabled students
  • mature students
  • students who are parents or carers
  • students who work

and anything and everything in between, our student body is so varied. I believe that each students' experience is unique to the individual, and I want that to become common knowledge. No student is the same as any other. We are all different. And therefore, we all have different needs and requirements. I want to push for varied activities and events which are inclusive of all our students - because every single one of you is important and valuable.


I truly care about my fellow students, and I have a strong vision for the greatness ARU can achieve. By building an even stronger relationship between ARU and its Students' Union, we can achieve massive changes which will benefit ALL students.


For someone who truly cares about you, cares about your student experience, cares about your wellbeing, and cares about your academic achievements, vote for Kaileb.


Follow me on Twitter: @KailebCares

And Facebook: Kaileb For SU President @KailebCares