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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Science and Engineering)

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Zinnia Thorpe (SU 4 YOU)


A bit of background about me:

I am a second year Marine Biology with Biodiversity and Conservation student.

I am currently President of the Wildlife Society, also the President of the ARU Scuba Diving Club which I started this academic year. Though these have been challenging at times I have endured to make our events varied, fun and inclusive. This semester the dive club will be training members how to scuba dive.

I have been the rep for my course over the two years I have been here. I have successfully communicated students' feelings and concerns about my course, leading to multiple essay extensions and additional help sessions for modules. One of my greatest achievements includes campaigning for a new module to be included in our degree which includes more Marine Biology, this new module is being finalised at the moment to come into place in September 2018! #repwins

I am passionate about scuba diving, I am a PADI Divemaster, and I enjoy underwater photography (Instagram: @cassiopeiazwt_diver)

I am actively involved with the Students Union and already have an extensive network of contacts which I aim to use if I'm voted in!


For this election I am teaming up with:

Johanna Korhonen (President)

Eliza Torres (Vice President FHSCE&FMS)

Jamie Hall (Vice President LAIBS)

Blessing Raimi (BME Rep Cambridge)

Vote wisely, choose #SU4YOU