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Candidate for the position of President

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Christopher Mason (Morgans and Mason)

Key points:

Observable officer- Making sure the offices can be seen across both campuses regularly. They need face time with students outside of meetings.

Reach out campaign- Reaching the students that have no interaction with the SU and bringing them in.

Event improvements- Putting on more events that students actually want to attend.

Productivity increase- Making sure the students get the answers they want quickly, efficiently and delivering the answers in the most effective manner possible.

Open/relaxed policy- The SU should be friendly and always approachable, students should want to come and talk to their officers and SU staff they shouldn’t be scared or intimidated.

Loud small voice- Making the smallest voices be heard. The quietest voice can bring big change.

Student experience- Improve the overall experience for students. Pushing for better services on site such as free hot water, free tampons and condoms, better maintained student accommodation, more accessible SU and improving the student experience for everyone.


My name is Christopher Mason and I am running for the position of SU president. I am currently studying a MSc in Cyber Security here at Anglia Ruskin. I have previously studied an under graduate degree in Information Security and Forensic Computing at Anglia Ruskin’s Cambridge campus. Alongside this I am currently president of the Cyber Security Society.

I have a wealth of experience that I can offer the SU and the students of Anglia Ruskin. Many years I have spent working across a range of industries from baking, retail, kitchen, IT, warehouse and management and I will bring all of that knowledge and experience with me to the role of president at the SU.

What I would like to achieve in my time at the SU: -

Firstly, I want to make the SU more accessible and inclusive to students. I want to reach out to the students that have little to no contact with the SU and bring them in.

I also want to put on more regular events that are free/cheap for students to attend. Pub quizzes, movie nights, sporting events, I want to make use of the new space on the Cambridge campus and when the Chelmsford refurbishments are done make use of that space too.

I will continue to hold regular meetings/discussions so you the students can hold the SU responsible and to see the work we would be doing on your behalf.

I also want to improve the productivity of the SU which means more advice for the students, faster responses and improved user interfaces. The students are the customers of the SU and I want you to all feel relaxed and open when you come to talk to us. Customer service is very important to me and I want to roll that out across the SU.

The SU has made some real progress in giving students a voice. I want to continue this work within the SU. With the help of the SU the smallest voice can become very loud and powerful. This is one of the key roles of the SU and this must continue.

I want to continue fighting for and with the students of Anglia Ruskin to bring improvements across the whole student experience.