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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)

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Lars Woolnough

Hey there, I am running for the role of Vice President of Arts, Laws and Social Sciences.
I'm currently a second year Graphic Design student. I also am currently in society roles in both the Graphic Design Society and Pokémon Society.  My main reason for running is not only wanting to be a voice for the students at our university, but also to help and progress key assets of the university but also of the union to help and make university the best experience it can be for students. The reason I chose Vice President in particular is because I feel this is the role that best suited for what I am hoping to achieve.


Looking at how the societies have helped me so much with university I felt the need to make this one of the key components of my campaign.  For societies I want to not only help them reach out to a further audience as than what is being done at the moment, but also try and assemble an event similar to Fresher's Fair/Nerds Assembled, but on a bigger scale as the fair is used as a way to promote societies, I want a way for some just to celebrate some of the unspoken achievements that some have achieved.

Accessibility of Resources to Students

I want to carry on the current running campaign of accessibility of printing for students, not only making it so that it is hopefully free but also the access to the rooms for printing in certain areas.
Access to specialised buildings/rooms such as Compass House and Lord Ashcroft Building and trying to extend when it can be used.  The recording of lectures,  so that students are able to catch the lecture if they aren't able to make it in the case of outstanding circumstances.

Mental Health

Continue the ongoing support of the various the campaigns to help mental health, like de-stress fest, but also trying to promote some of the other approaches which we have yet to take at our university, like napping stations/pods for people to rest, looking into some therapy animals for the university, and a further out reach of the you are irreplaceable campaign currently going on.


Working in a team is a vital aspect of a Vice President, and I feel, if I am elected into the position, that I would work my utmost best with not only the rest of my team or Vice Presidents, but also try and work hard with the rest of the students union and the student body as a whole.