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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences)

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Ryan Price

ARU Students! Your attention please!

Ryan Price - 3rd Year BA Drama student. I will listen to your views as students and make sure they are heard by everyone at the university - no matter how big or small your viewss are. So lets start this off with what I will aim to do for you, if you vote for me. 

- Reduce OR cut costs of new JOHN SMITH BOOKSPLUS & STUDENT ID CARDS (As if you didn't know they are£10)

- Cut the costs of printing 

-Aim to get GRADUATION put on in the SUMMER HOLIDAYS 

-Gain more spaces for students to be able to work / book rooms 

& BE CREATIVE & Aim to get a chill out zone on each campus with pool tables, TV, and game consoles. 

All of this can be achieved if you stand up and let your voice be heard. So get voting and make sure to vote for me to be YOUR vice president for YOUR faculty, and together we can have more stuff, and we can make a difference.