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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Business and Law)

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Michael Graham (All Stars)

Hi, I'm Michael and I'm running for the position of Vice President (Business)

I'm a current third year student with experience in engaging both with the university and the Students' Union. From being a faculty intern, to being a course and faculty rep, I'm ready to represent you again, at a higher level!

Let me tell you a little about my plans if I were elected:


I will ensure you feel a valued nmember of the ARU community!

- We will ensure that a champion for part time, mature, and commuting students is incorporated into faculty level, allowing you to be fully represented.

- We will celebrate all students diversity throughout the academic year.


I believe in the students as partners principle at ARU and will ensure that students still have a say in their education.

- We will continue to fight for a student seat at the table of faculty decision making.

- I will collaborate with course based societies with the faculty to ensure you get the most out of YOUR degree.


As a previous course rep and faculty rep, I believe that student representation is vital within ARU.

- We will ensure that we are open to all students at ARU and are all represented as a whole student body.

- We will effectively campaign on issues that matter to students, such as the cost of living and teaching excellence.


Remember, #1 Michael Graham for VP (Business)! Gain with Graham

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