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Candidate for the position of Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) Students’ Rep (Chelmsford)

Image for Olugbenga Oluwatominiyi

Olugbenga Oluwatominiyi


Hello all,

Here I am again; we live in an unprecedented period, Covid -19, and the resulting lockdown.

Meeting you all has been challenging. The limited time and space between one election process and the other, engaging in projects that would benefit us all, has been daunting.

Research shows the Covid-19 Virus is affecting us more as BME and that we are all sceptical about taking the vaccine. There is already in the pipeline seminar to sensitize us on how to cope  Post-Covid 19, promote good mental health, and discuss vaccination.

I solicit your vote again to continue the work I have started and deliver all that I promised for positive engagement with the university to meet all our BME students' needs.