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Candidate for the position of President



Give me your time.

Give me your attention.

Give me your vote.

The future of our Students Union depends on both of us.

I am standing for election to stand up for students like you.

I am standing for election because, more than share a University, we all share a common future.

This election is when we decide that future, and define what we think is possible. 

There is so much more to being President of ARUSU than just my manifesto.

This election is when we choose what we want the future to be.

Your vote is the only way we can make that future happen. 



• Take a lead nationally on issues that affect our student body at ARU. 

• Develop and launch a leadership scheme to empower students at ARU. 

• Launch a leadership conference to inspire students to speak up. 

• Provide leadership training to our elected student leaders to further develop their skills. 

• Develop an all-inclusive programme of events that tailor to the diversity of students at ARU. 

• Ensure we have the BEST Fresher’s Week in the country and opportunities are widely promoted. 

• Lobby for Cambridge housing prices to remain to avoid the continued increase in prices which are hitting students the hardest. 

• Review our core messages to ensure it is clear what we do for you as YOUR Students’ Union and all students are aware of our services. 

Initiatives that out team is looking to complete from this year are: 

• Continue working on establishing new media platforms (such as video diaries, podcast etc) in which students can voice their opinion and experiences. 

• Carry on the developments with our societies in our new society tiering system, as well support our new and existing societies expand and increase their membership and engagement. 

• Improve the understanding and relationship with academic staff to make them aware of the specific support we can offer here at the Students’ Union. 

• Alongside the initiatives which we wish to continue on from this year there are several new ones which we would wish to address next year: 

• Increase interactions between our home and international students to promote a better campus culture. 

• As we feel improved relationships will not only improve the social experience at university but will have a positive impact on the academic and learning experiences.  

• External Funding for our Clubs, Societies and Teams – explore funding and sponsorship opportunities which do not conflict with the Students’ Union. 

• Improve communications between the University and Students. 

• Increase the amount of activities happening at our Cambridge campus. 

• Promote Campus Community. 

We as a team want to prioritize what that matters to our beloved students at ARU and they are as follows: 

Priority 1: Empowering the Student Voice. 

The most important part of this role is listening to students and what it is they really want. After speaking to many students a number of aims for this role would be: 

• Course mentors where students willing to share their knowledge can support students across all year groups .
• Lecture office hours to be included on timetable and app so students are precisely aware when each lecturer is available. 

Priority 2: Work with Student Reps and Students to make the system work for all. 

After we have spoken to a number of student reps and  students, from this we have numerous ideas to enhance this service.

• Create an anonymous platform, available for all students, to remove fear of giving negative feedback. In addition to this create an online forum for student reps, for them to share experience and advice. 

Ensure that student rep elections are done in a democratic and consistent way. 

Priority 3: Increased support for international students and our students based across the globe following on with a focus on internationalisation and culture development we hope to 

increase and enhance international student experience. 

• Continue to work with students in Cambridge campus to develop the student voice to make it effective and beneficial for all students. 

• Proceed to evolve the services available for language development, increasing social opportunities as well as subject specific skills 
• Ensure regular face to face support for areas of concem.

We kindly request you to give us a chance to serve you by your valuable votes and we promise to give you a wonderful student experience here at ARU CAMBRIDGE !!! 

I Chaithanyakumar Gali will do everything in my power to ensure that this university moves forward, so guys vote for Chaithanyakumar because a vote for Chaithanyakumar is a vote for progress. A vote for Chaithanyakumar is a vote for development, AND A VOTE FOR CHAITHANYAKUMAR IS DEFINITELY THE RIGHT VOTE.