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Candidate for the position of S&E Faculty Rep (Cambridge)




My name is Alan joseph noble I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Campus. I am running as a candidate for Faculty Representative in Science and Engineering department of Anglia Ruskin University.

There is a saying that age is just a number. Even though I am doing my undergraduate degree at Anglia Ruskin University I am confident to take up the responsibilities of this position and I vow to be a fair and just in every way possible. I intend to put my voice forward and create an environment where I will be all ears to the problems that the students would face in their day to day lives.

Being a faculty representative is a great opportunity for me to show my abilities as a good communicator and to act as a medium between the faculty and the students.


My key aims as a faculty representative would be

  • I vow to be the go-to person in this department where students can approach for the problems they face academically, and I would try my level best to to be just and solve the problems amicably.
  • The pandemic has sowed fears into all our minds, and this is a situation which should be taken care off. I would consider this as my responsibility to be a good communicator and study the problems that the students face in their curriculum.
  • I intend to create an online platform where I can communicate with my fellow students directly and understand their problems and find the solutions in a swift manner.
  • I aspire to be a visible presence among both the students and faculty such that anyone could approach me if there is a need for clarity and clear communication.
  • The international students would sometimes find it difficult to blend in at first and I plan to create a forum for the new students to raise their concerns, which can be both academical and personal.




The situation is lot different this year due to the unprecedented situation due to the pandemic and everyone is  going through rough times at the moment. As an international student myself, I understand these situations and I intend to solve all the issues that arise which in consider to be a major responsibility of a faculty representative.