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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care)



Manifesto for HEMS

              Hi I am William Carey Choutapalli currently pursuing Masters in our ARU. My interest towards helping my fellow peers and the student society has been my motivation towards applying for this role. Across the past few years, I have been an actively leading several fundraising campaigns to help several orphanages. These experiences have imbibed in me the need for greater involvement of the student society to help the human community. the road to recovery from the current pandemic of Covid-19 requires abundant help from the health and medical services community. It gives me immense satisfaction to be provided with an opportunity to be representing our students from the faculty of Health, Education and Medical sciences. This manifesto has been structured to reflect the key issues that have been affecting the ARU students across all the campuses. Greater focus on identifying and providing solutions to the challenges faced by the faculty of HEMS has been done in this manifesto.

  • Promote more Team learning activities to increase student’s engagement with the Canvas and in the online lecturers and seminars so to help students in meeting their learning objectives.
  • To initiate and complete the report of Let’s be honest 2.0 so as to evaluate the mental health and wellbeing of the students affected by the pandemic and those returning to the campus to provide them with the appropriate wellbeing support system.
  • To improve the transport system across the different campuses of ARU so as to promote more cross campus collaboration on research, curricular and other social events.
  • Will work towards bringing in Guest lecturers and webinars to share their knowledge and perform practical demonstrations on topics which are requested by the students.
  • Work towards granting the nursing students in the Chelmsford campus access to the cadaver lab and medical facilities so as to help them gain more practical knowledge
  • Increase the funds allocated to the paramedic bursary  so as to increase the number of students benefitted from the bursary.