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Candidate for the position of International Rep (Chelmsford)



Sahithi Bandi

Hello Everyone

I am Sahithi I strongly believe that I would make a Great women’s representative.

Being a brave and fearless woman with good leadership skills I am open to everyone.

I am very dedicated and committed to my words.

I want to form a strong female community under my leadership and vigilance to work together and be available anytime.

As an international student I have faced many issues till today and I am ready to face many more new issues. Every one of us is mostly going through the same phase now.

A small help or some good suggestions about studies, work opportunities, travelling, and accommodation and some grocery store suggestions and help regarding mental and physical health can be discussed with me.

These little things will make our life easier.

They sound so casual but this will save a lot of time and energy.


  • Partner with ARU Career services in ensuring that students take advantage of the resources available in securing their dream jobs.
  • Partner with all Class representatives and school officers in tackling any challenge that will otherwise affect the academic interests and welfare of students.
  • To ensure that all the Union’s programs are centered on promoting the culture of equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • To consistently and relentlessly represent the views and interests of all students before the school management.

•    To promptly respond to complaints or challenges faced by students

Last but not the least I want to work with the university management in implementing more programs regarding mental health for women as many of our friends are suffering from hormone imbalance, PCOD, PCOS and many more.

“I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world”