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Candidate for the position of Women’s Rep (Cambridge)

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Hello Buddies!! My name is Neha, I’m pursuing my Masters in Business Management and I’m running for Women’s Representative in Elections 2021.

A Woman is a symbol of Love and we have grown up hearing We should Spread Love instead of Self-Love. I believe in consistency and a healthy and positive environment for women on campus. I want to give voice to your issues, safety and security around campus.

As a Women’s Representative, I will advocate:


  1. Hygiene is every girl’s priority; I will assure that the toilets around the campus are clean and safe to use all the times.
  2. I aim to provide free sanitary products to women on campus.



  1. There are large proportion of girls suffering from PCOS, PCOD and other infections, unusual periods pain and aren’t really aware about the causes, precautions and treatments. I want to spread awareness amongst all the women out there.
  1. I aim that Gynaecologist is present at all times on campus for any medical help we need.



  1. Introduce a team of women who empower each other and spread awareness about women’s physical and mental health, encourage them for jobs and studies. I want to provide all kind of support to the women, single mothers and pregnant women with everything they need in collaboration with Charitable organizations supporting Women.


Vote for me for a healthy space for us on campus! I am dedicated to represent women who are economically empowered and spreads love with more of SELF-LOVE!!