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Candidate for the position of International Rep (Cambridge)




My name is Aminat Quadri. A first semester International Relations (MA) student and a Nigerian. I would like to be your next International Rep. As a first semester postgraduate students at Anglia Ruskin University I have noticed, understand and also experienced that it is not all that easy. I believe more changes can occur to improve the support given to students who come from a very long distance. I also believe no one should feel confused or clueless just because you aren't used to a particular system or environment. I am a confident individual with a drive to work amongst students to ensure people are effectively motivated to make positive changes to the student experience at ARU. Additionally, having been a graduate from one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria where I studied my first degree in International Law and Diplomacy, I have a good knowledge of what students should expect at all levels of their course.



I'm sociable, poised, and welcoming. Since I resumed for the semester, I've had the opportunity to discuss with international student like me about how their experiences have been so far, and I have gained a lot of insights, which has widened my perception of the challenges faced by international students, And I must say, I know the realities of being an international student. 

I've always been an individual who is passionate about people and how they feel and also how to help resolve issues if there is any, this passion drove me to volunteering at a non-governmental Organisation where I had the opportunity to solve issues using the alternative dispute resolution, mediate and educate people of their human right as a person/individual. Furthermore, I worked with a Mediation Centre, where I had the opportunity to work with people in solving issues such as marital issues, land dispute, paternity issues, financial issues etc. This few experiences of mine have prepared me and will surely go a long way with my communication with students and helping them with whatever issue they might be facing.


For wellbeing of international students to feel more welcomed 

I would be encouraging the university to promote more of mental health resources to involve all international students. 


I would be forming an online discussion to inspire international students to discuss tips/ideas, coping strategies and help. I want to build a solid community where i can help few who have little knowledge with what their course is about get help easily.


I would also be listening to the voices of students and international students voices and taking active measures to initiate the changes they seek. I will alert you with what is going on at the university by making sure you participate in all even in the university, you will be able to see why things change and how it is of benefit to you. I Aminat will be representing your views truthfully, respectfully and constructively to the University and also give you a feed backat all time.