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Candidate for the position of Mental Health Rep (Cambridge)



     Let's forget about the figures and statististics for a minute. As important as target groups are in relaying messages of specific interests, I believe that when it comes to the subject of mental health, it should be treated holistically by bringing everyone on board. Each and everyone of us at some point in our lives is affected by a mental health phenomenon whether or not we take an active notice. Per my research, a percentage of mental health issues  can be solved through support by both professionals and non professionals and not necessarily through the use of drugs only. Hence, any platform that offers you and I the opportunity to support each other in times of difficulty is worth taking. This is why I won't let the chance to make a positive impact on our mental health while studying in ARU Cambridge pass me by.
      This passion has not only stemmed from  past experiences both with myself and others, but from my caring and hospitable nature, my ability to relate to people  and  the amount of research I have indulged in over a few years.
    My fervent hope is to start various stress relieving projects which will be aimed at giving students the much needed breaks, counselling and therapy they deserve based on personalised surveys of what works for them.  Under the umbrella of projects is one program  I hope to hold  monthly. This is the " Are you okay? Honestly" series which will be in collaboration with other people as passionate about mental health as I am. Because really, imagine a world where "how are you?" was from a genuine place of concern and not an overused greeting. That's what I hope to achieve by first starting as the mental health representative at ARU Cambridge. I hereby call on my fellow students  of ARU Cambridge to give  me the support needed to win this election. In the meantime, remember I'M HERE FOR YOU genuinely.