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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care)



                                     A Vote For Me Is A Vote For You!

 My name is Aina Bashir and I’m here to work for you. 

‘Home is where the heart is’. ARU has been my home and place of strength since January 2020. Through few simple changes mentioned in my manifesto , I will endeavour to make this true for everyone who lives and studies in ARU. The best thing about ARU is there’s something for everyone, but sometimes university life moves so quickly we don’t always know what’s available to us, so I am here to help you explore and find out what’s there for you.

I am running for vice President this year as I want to continue representing the students and make sure that the student voice is heard and the overall student experience continues to improve year on year. I humbly believe that I have the requisite skills and ability to function effectively as Vice President ( HEMS ) if elected. I would like you to vote for me to be your vice president.

My Manifesto

  • More Youth Clubs.
  • Work with corporates to offer more internships and part time jobs to students.
  • Trips to historical and cultural places 
  • To ensure that all the Union’s programmes are centred on promoting the culture of equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • To promptly respond to complaints or challenges faced by students in their academic pursuit.
  • Cross campus interaction. Should I be elected I will try to improve events/communication with students between all campuses. 
  • Increase interactions between our home and international students to promote a better campus culture.
  • Improve communications between the University and Students.
  • Increase the amount of activities happening at Campuses.

Communication: You will hear from me through social media, email, contact number as well as regular meetings to report the progress and simply to meet, get to know you, gather feedback and exchange ideas.

          Please Vote for me as A Vote For Me Is A Vote For You!