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Candidate for the position of AHSS Faculty Rep (Cambridge)



My name is Josh, and I'm a AHSS Videogame Art student and I am running to be your AHSS Faculty member. I am dedicated to improving all facets of AHSS, from the  individual to the collective, I care about what YOU have to say.

If I am elected I will do everything in my power to uphold and improve AHSS as I believe everything can be improved and can reach excellence . You can place your trust In me as a candidate as I want the best for all of us, and with your vote we can achieve that goal and build a better future for all AHSS students.

All in all if you vote for me, I will carve a place for AHSS students to be heard among the other Facultys.

Vote Joshua O'Keeffe as your AHSS Faculty member.

Thank you.